• Earthzyme
    EarthZyme is a long-term soil stabilizer that is designed to strengthen and bind the surface of unpaved roads. It is used to strengthen the treated soil by increasing the density after compaction. As a result of the increased density, treated soil exhibits excellent improvements in CBR values and reduced swelling potential, and therefore, a more durable road surface during wet weather. EarthZyme has become a highly attractive solution for mine haul roads as it has the ability to stabilize roads with heavy haul truck traffic. It also offers excellent cost-savings for the stabilization of secondary roads with much less traffic loads.EarthZyme is not a glue – it acts on the clay component already in the soil. The effect on the clay is long term. It does not wash away in the rain and provides lasting stabilization for several years. In fact, highly travelled EarthZyme roads maintain the high densities that are achieved after compaction through the action of the traffic, which help yield the long-term stabili- zation results. Therefore EarthZyme provides a perfect solution for high traffic haul roads. Significantly reduces long term maintenance costs Reduced rolling resistance, Better fuel economy
  • Dust Stop Municipal Blend
    Dust Stop Municipal Blend (DSMB) is a formula consisting of natural organic ingredients specifically engineered for all types of unpaved roads. Applicable to any soil type, it is applied using standard equipment and techniques. DSMB was designed to provide an environmentally friendly, non-corrosive and cost-competitive replacement for calcium and magnesium chloride. DSMB is not adversely affected by heavy rains or long periods of dry weather and has no adverse effect on the environment or vehicles, due to its non-corrosive properties. Significantly reduces long term maintenance costs Does not get slippery when wet Reduced need to grade treated roads Long lasting results Reduction in watering requirements Cost Competitive with chlorides Non-corrosive and environmentally friendly DSMB treated roads show improved engineering properties Will not cause rust on vehicles or application equipment No adverse impact on roadside vegetation Increased water resistance resulting in better performance in all weather conditions
  • UltraZyme
    UltraZyme is a specialized blend of naturally-occurring, non-GMObacteria, enzymes and micronutrients specifically formulated to remediate a wide range of organic contaminants and provide simultaneous odour control in a variety of water, waste water and soil remediation projects. Available in three formulations, UltraZyme can meet the demands of a variety of remediation needs including domestic and industrial wastewater treatment, algae reduction and hydrocarbon remediation. UltraZyme is manufactured in a concentrated powder form. Microorganisms present in UltraZyme are fully non-pathogenic. Our product is 100% environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and organic. It is safe to use in any environment and around people, animals and aquatic life. The benefits of UltraZyme include enhanced BOD / COD removal, improved settling characteristics, reduced suspended solids, bottom solids and sludge, reduced FOG (fats, oils and grease), and