KODO EnviroTech is 100% Namibian owned company that provide engineered premium dust control, soil stabilization and water remediation environmental solutions to serve a growing global economy that needs to adapt to ever increasing environmental standards. As an upcoming industry pioneer, KODO EnviroTech sets itself apart because we possess a drive to constantly deliver most innovative products and deliver greater performance towards environmental sustainability.

The performance not only of the products themselves, but ultimately the performance of the clients and companies that choose these eco-friendly solutions. With KODO EnviroTech on your side, you will enhance project safety, achieve operational efficiencies, and improve your bottom line. KODO EnviroTech products’ are organic, biodegradable, non-toxic and 100% environmentally friendly. The highly concentrated formulations we design allow for economical shipping to further enhance your cost effective results.

Research and development has been the cornerstone of our product development and will continue to form the foundation of its growth. Environmental concerns continue to play an important part in our corporate strategy and position us to expand our product range. With several new products in the development pipeline, KODO EnviroTech with our partners continually looks to improve on existing products while seeking new opportunities to diversify.